Having a vision for a better world is one thing. Finding the right strategies,  words, images, and tools so everyone else gets that vision? That’s something else again.

We started Pulse Forward to help our clients strengthen the connections between their strategic goals, their brand, their values, processes, practices and culture. We’ve seen how this opens up new channels for moving their mission forward.

No one can control the pace of change. Sooner or later, (and it seems sooner these days) strategic plans gather dust and processes disintegrate. Communication and technology tools and tactics become outdated. Audiences shift. Staff come and go. What lasts however, are the lessons and insights your organization gains about itself along the way.

That’s why we partner with you through practices that lead to greater self-discovery and that aim to get at the heart of who you are. The results? Your organization will express its unique vision and approach through compelling messaging, modern designs and up-to-date tools and strengthen its internal identity, cohesion and capacity over the long-term.

When you need it, we are…

  •        Your thought partner
  •        Your branding and communications strategist
  •        Your website and print designer
  •        Your strategy and systems guide

If all of that sounds exciting – or if you’re just curious – let’s talk about partnering to see what we can discover and create together.

Who We Are

gayleGayle Carney

Director of Strategy

What gets me up in the morning? Another opportunity to provide guidance and support to leaders and staff in nonprofits, schools and organizations committed to bettering society and the environment. My job goes beyond strategizing, technology, and websites. My job is to help individuals and organizations see their value in a brighter light and step out with confidence to meet their mission.”

For over 20 years, Gayle Carney’s leadership has transformed workplaces and communities, creating bridges between strategic planning, productive operations, culture and authentic branding in mission-driven organizations.

She founded the Center for Community Technology Services, an organization that provided strategic technology and website development services for over 10 years. Previously, as Sr. Director of Training at PowerUP, an initiative of the Steve and Jean Case Foundation, she designed and directed professional development for nonprofit staff at community technology centers around the country. Gayle’s focus on nonprofits began 15 years ago as Chief Technology Officer for The Enterprise Foundation headquarters and its 21 national offices, now Enterprise Community Partners.

A graduate of Boston University’s School of Education, Gayle made a career shift from education to technology after teaching for several years. As a lifelong learner, she is completing a professional certificate from New York University in Leadership and Organizational Development. She believes strongly in positive social change. Because of this belief, she volunteers with various nonprofit boards and schools in the Baltimore area.


kateKate Purcell

Creative Director

“I can honestly say I love my work. I get to dive deep into the world of incredibly passionate people dedicated to social change, and help them reach wider and deeper. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing people’s eyes light up in a room when they see themselves and their organization reflected in a new light.”

Kate’s background of progressive education, years of living abroad, a deep love of art and a passion for values-aligned work has fueled the creative work she has developed over the last ten years. After graduating from Marlboro College with majors in Visual Arts and Literature, Kate traveled to far-flung locations to work on issues touching on the environment and international development.

Upon return to the U.S., Kate used her expertise as Lead Designer at Free Range Studios, an agency dedicated to supporting the social impact sector. As Creative Director of Pulse Forward, Kate designs strong, creative graphics supported by engaging, accessible text to ensure that organizations inspire their audiences. Kate loves work that combines her artistic skills and her commitment to making a positive difference. She has designed and led a number of projects for large and small organizations, from Save the Children, to the National Council of Churches, and the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Kate lives in Baltimore with her family. She teaches meditation and enjoys her urban farm complete with fish, compost and goats.