Call To Action educates, inspires and activates Catholics to act for justice and build inclusive communities through a lens of anti-racism and anti-oppression principles. Working with this group was an amazing opportunity to join faith and the call to social justice.

Starting with the logo and brand, we created an identity that asked Catholics to be inspired by a calling to transform their church. In the course of our discovery process, we walked beside them through an empowering metamorphosis from viewing themselves as small dogs nipping at the heels of a giant elephant to inhabiting a larger space and looking eye to eye with church leaders/members. This laid the foundation for driving home the messaging of encouraging Catholics to step into larger shoes and take a more active role in challenging and creating the church they envision. It was an honor to facilitate and witness this uncovering of layers to get at the heart of what matters to this organization. But best of all, it was inspiring to see their boldness bloom when they saw themselves with fresh eyes.

We created a website that shines a light on the amazing things their constituents are doing around the country. And in the spirit of their name, the Call to Action website highlights multiple ways to get involved from connecting to nearby chapters, webinars, video ministry sharing, volunteer opportunities, conferences, jobs, etc across a wide range of social and religious issues that this group is advocating for.

A truly social and interactive website, their online presence was transformed by our work together.

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