Maryland Farmers Market Association

Amy Crone approached us while working at the Maryland Department of Agriculture. In her role there, cialis she worked with many farmers markets throughout the state and realized there was a need to connect consumers to local markets more easily, physician and to connect farmers to the market community.

The Brand: An Authentic, Inspiring Identity for Three Audiences

The brand has three audiences: market consumers, Maryland farmers and market managers. We began with a logo and some visual brand guidelines. We shared several logo options all playing on the idea of local food. The Association particularly liked the woodcut look and feel, so after several iterations, we ended with a final logo that symbolized farms and markets and visually connected to the local food movement and community. The color palette was bright and inspiring, reminiscent of a beautiful spread of harvest vegetables.

The Website: Crafting a Seamless User Experience

After creating a solid visual brand as a starting point, we moved onto the website. Because each of the audiences has unique needs, we created separate sections of the site with tools for each audience type. The largest audience is market consumers, so we started thinking about them first. A big part of the site is a mobile tool allowing users to find a market near them. We started the wireframes with a market finder front and center. This tool is for market consumers, or “food lovers” as we coined them on the site. The purpose of the site is to promote Maryland markets, so it made sense to lead with a search into the market. We took inspiration from travel and hotel sites, where the user is first met with a search tool that allowed them to immediately find a market by inputting their zip code. The mobile site pulls the user’s location, and when they click “find a market” it pulls up the closest market to them, including information about days and hours. The client wanted this tool to be a pilot for other states to use, making farmers markets more easily accessible. After creating the find-a-market section, we moved onto the areas for Farmers and Market Managers, both of which feature interactive tools allowing these audiences to access information specific to them.

After creating the wireframes and specifications for the site, we helped MDFMA create a request for proposal to solicit website development partners. Once they selected a developer, we worked closely to ensure the final site reflected the brand and functioned perfectly for users. This is a project we were excited to support as Marylanders interested in local and sustainable food. The market finder tool is an excellent resource for people who seek to eat more local food. We were surprised to find there are 20 markets within 10 miles of our Baltimore location. Without the tool, finding this information would have taken hours.

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