• Website Design
  • Database Needs Requirements and Selection
  • Process Improvement
  • Technology Decision-making
  • Team Facilitation
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Staff Recruitment

Maryland Nonprofits provides educational opportunities, resources and direct assistance to over 1500 nonprofits statewide. We worked with their leadership to help improve communications and technology to better serve their members and make life easier for their team.

The Challenge

  • Having experienced a number of leadership changes in a relatively short period of time the new CEO was faced with operational challenges in an environment where nationally, all nonprofit membership organizations were seeing a decline in membership.
  • Staff lacked appropriate systems to track critical components of their work—membership, information pills
    training and the Standards of Excellence certification process. They used a database system that, after 2 years, was still not fully functional. The staff was disheartened and “tech-weary”.
  • The organization’s approach to external communications had not changed in years. Recipients found frequent email blasts overwhelming and not targeted to their interests. The website was unattractive and difficult to navigate.

The Solution

We worked closely with the leadership to create new systems and communications to recruit and retain members and make workflow easier for their staff, improving their effectiveness and morale. Some of the ways we stabilized the operations were:

  • Redesigned the website to be usable and member-focused.
  • Selected and implemented a new affordable membership management database, and certification tracking system for the Standards of Excellence.
  • Led process review teams that updated, streamlined and documented processes for communications, accounting and maintaining data integrity.
  • Identified economical hardware upgrades and selected a new phone system.
  • Recruited and hired internal IT support person.

Gayle has an extraordinary ability in getting to know an organization, its culture and staff in a way that results in outstanding technologies staff will both own and use. Using a deliberate and thoughtful approach towards understanding what is and isn’t important, and by including staff at every step, Maryland Nonprofits now has a website, systems and a CRM we all feel we really own.

– Greg Cantori, Former Executive Director

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