Montefiore School Health Program

An arm of the Montefiore Medical System, the program provides free healthcare to students via in-school clinics that have been growing since the 1990’s. The Montefiore School Health Program is a highly effective initiative that has been serving students in the Bronx for twenty years. The program has been an enormous success with data to back it up, such as a 50% reduction in teen pregnancy for girls seen in the clinics. They knew they needed to raise a substantial amount of funds to continue to expand the program and realized that, despite the esteem of the program, they did not have a brand or online presence which could help them to achieve this objective, so they approached us to help them. We partnered with them in developing a brand and website that was aimed at communicating the program’s remarkable success to both recipients and potential high net worth donors.

Before kicking off the project, we spent a day visiting several clinics and talking with doctors, nurses and school administrators. The effect was powerful and we immediately knew this exceptional story needed to be told. Rather than think of the website as an organizational site deep with information, we wanted site users to have an immersive experience. We used big, beautiful photography of students and families that spanned the page to give users a real glimpse into the lives of the people affected. The data collected spoke for itself, so we highlighted the numbers whenever we could. The color palette we created was bold and edgy, like the program itself. For each page of the site we created a story that guided users through a narrative as they scrolled down the page.

The resulting website and brand collateral transports the user into the world of schools in the Bronx, presents the challenges and shares the life-changing solutions the Montefiore School Health Program is implementing on a daily basis.

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