Who knows how to reach your audience? Your audience of course!

Great Kids Farm provides Baltimore city students with hands-on opportunities to connect farm and plate. We worked closely with students to co-create messages and posters that would resonate with a teenage audience.

We started by sourcing teenage wisdom

When Friends of Great Kids Farm approached us to create a series of posters that would be relevant to Baltimore City students, we knew from the beginning that the students had to be intimately involved with the messaging process. We designed an interactive workshop and developed a mood board with key words and phrases they wanted to highlight. The idea surfaced of using hip hop lyrics and pop culture references, along with images of vegetables and students that would connect in some way.

  • Messaging
  • Design
  • Photography

Mood board created by the students during our discovery workshop

Then we worked collaboratively to create posters that resonated with a difficult audience

After an engaging workshop, we created sketches, exploring images and textures to find those most appropriate and fun. We came back to the student group with five options pared down from the ideas generated during the workshop. Of course the challenge here was that the concepts needed to not only be relevant to the students, they also had to be tame enough to gain approval from school administrators. The students were excited to see their concepts come to life, and the posters now hang in public school cafeterias, inspiring kids to eat their veggies!

Final posters that hang in Baltimore City public school cafeterias