About Us

Meet the team that will help you navigate fresh approaches

Our Principles


Pulse Forward is an agent of change. We don’t just provide transactional services. We partner with our clients for a shared goal of a just world.


We don’t have the answers – and that’s ok! We listen and create communications and strategies that speak to the needs of the people you are trying to reach, in their words.


Our work is grounded in the experiences and needs of people. Those directly impacted know best. We learn from them.


We believe our work together is an opportunity for all of us to grow. Sometimes this can feel challenging, and we embrace that challenge with a spirit of generosity.

Meet the Team

We’re here to shift how the world takes you in. That starts by balancing structure and creativity to uplift your values.  And by creating internal processes that everyone in your organization owns and understands. Meet the team that makes it happen.

Gayle Carney

Director of Strategy

“What gets me up in the morning? Another opportunity to provide guidance and support to leaders and staff in nonprofits, schools and organizations committed to bettering society and the environment. My job goes beyond strategizing, technology, and websites. My job is to help individuals and organizations see their value in a brighter light and step out with confidence to meet their mission.”

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For over 20 years, Gayle Carney’s leadership has transformed workplaces and communities, creating bridges between strategic planning, productive operations, culture and authentic branding in mission-driven organizations.

She founded the Center for Community Technology Services, an organization that provided strategic technology and website development services for over 10 years. Previously, as Sr. Director of Training at PowerUP, an initiative of the Steve and Jean Case Foundation, she designed and directed professional development for nonprofit staff at community technology centers around the country. Gayle’s focus on nonprofits began 15 years ago as Chief Technology Officer for The Enterprise Foundation headquarters and its 21 national offices, now Enterprise Community Partners.

A graduate of Boston University’s School of Education, Gayle made a career shift from education to technology after teaching for several years. As a lifelong learner, she is completing a professional certificate from New York University in Leadership and Organizational Development. She believes strongly in positive social change. Because of this belief, she volunteers with various nonprofit boards and schools in the Baltimore area.

Kate Purcell

Creative Director

“I can honestly say I love my work. I get to dive deep into the world of incredibly passionate people dedicated to social change, and help them reach wider and deeper. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing people’s eyes light up in a room when they see themselves and their organization reflected in a new light.”

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Kate Purcell is a visual and interactive designer who specializes in weaving storytelling into unique visual experiences. She stems from a family of artists and credits her architect father for instilling creative values early on that continue to influence her approach to design today. 

As the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Pulse Forward for the last five years, Kate finds a happy balance of inspiring and meaningful work. Her design process is informed by data and infused with intuition. Some call her ability to transmute goals and objectives into visual design — magical. 

By using collaborative design-thinking tools, Kate hones in on the appropriate conversations to guide her clients into a visual storytelling experience. Her toolkit focuses on user experience by prioritizing deep listening to ensure that the digital experience meets users exactly where they are. Additionally, her experience in back-end website development allows her to oversee the seamless production of digital products all the way through. 

Her expansive base of knowledge across design fields and focus on the client connection combine to deliver a powerful end result for the target audience. Having extensive experience in designing for activism, she understands audiences have unique needs to ensure they feel invested in a cause and that design should connect on an emotional level while meeting a pragmatic goal. 

Kate studied visual arts and literature at Marlboro College in Vermont while teaching herself coding, which would prove useful while working for nonprofits overseas.  She would go on to design and lead projects for mission-based organizations —from the Sierra Club and the National Council of Churches to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and more. 

When not designing, Kate enjoys camping and flexes her other creative muscles with quilting, drawing, painting, cooking, interior design, and photography. 

Lennette Abad

Communications Strategist

“My creative energy pushes the bounds of communication. Light, yet grounded in truth, I focus on bringing story to the forefront in a human-centered way.”

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Lennette Abad’s creative energy in communications pulls the steadfast underdogs out of the shadows and catapults them into the sun. For the last half-a-decade, Lennette has worked with businesses who are great at what they do and who seek the nuanced flair required to dance on the main stage. She coaches clients through the content creation process, creates editorial calendars, implements communications strategies, and more. Her goal is always to guide her clients to share their truest self – proudly, cohesively, and with no typos, naturally. Her work is motivated by creating feelings in others.

Lennette is Principal and Strategist at Abad & Company and has a BS in Economics from The University of Delaware.

Maureen “Mo” Rosenbloom

Project Manager

“I like to take things apart, assess, re-assemble, and — Re-member.”

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Mo is an analyst who embraces moving parts and thrives in holistic, agile systems. She specializes in drilling down to the bits and pieces to re-establish balance between the pieces that work and cleansing the pieces that don’t to keep the whole system in balance, be it a family, a community, a school, a company. With an eye for detail, she keeps things on track and moving forward.

Mo lived in New Zealand for 18 years where she was a project manager then research director at a social research firm, a telecommunications analyst, and an IT consultant. She joined Pulse Forward in 2016. Mo is also a yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner and integrative reflexologist.

Umer Farooq


“I’m a full stack developer that has evangelized the beauty of open source platforms for over 10 years. My expertise in the field gives me the ability to fine tune the user experience for Pulse Forward and their clients.”

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Umer is the Founder and Chief Strategist of BITBYTEZ, a small digital agency with a portfolio of 20+ custom business solutions. BITBYTEZ specializes in bringing evolving digital solutions to idea-makers and startups and has transformed ideas into reality through intuitive, custom, web and mobile applications. They have created digital solutions to prominent organizations like LOEB Enterprises, NYUStern Business School, GoodWeave International, Southwestern Colleges, Police Science Academy SHARJAH (UAE)  and exciting startups including CareGiver Asia, Funimation, CarePlanners, Gro Academy.

Umer studied information technology at the University of Punjab and Digital Design, Communications & Photography at the National College of Arts in Lahore.